Resources & Downloads

Our resources and download page gives you access to our user manuals for all Peg Perego products. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will get it to you.

  Title Manual Code File Size Download
d Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 Canada Manual FICA1301l154 6.04 MB
d Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 User Manual FIUS1301I154 5.84 MB
d Primo Viaggio SIP 5-65 Convertible Canada Manual FICA1031l141 11.44 MB
d Rialto User Manual 9.47 MB
d Santa Fe Owners Manual 2.99 MB
d Siesta User Manual FINA1101I150 1.65 MB
d Skate System User Manual 4.11 MB
d Switch Four Stroller User Manual FINA1101I148 4.50 MB
d Tatamia User Manual FINA1101I150 1.50 MB
d Team Manual 1.86 MB